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Walkathon by Mandi Police a Novel proposal

Imagine the city of Mandi devoid of any vehicle, be it a two wheeler, auto, four wheeler , etc. or to that matter any motorable vehicle. The Mandi Police is planning a Walkathon on the 24th June 2017, wherein it has proposed that on that day no vehicle whatsoever will be NOT used by any and everyone, instead they have proposed that the city populace walks around the town starting from Seri Manch from 7 am on the morning of Saturday the 24th June. Over and above this they propose to make this a permanent event every once a week or once in a month. For this they will be approaching the Parishad and the district administrator and consulting the locals for their views as well. According to the DSP HQ Sh Hitesh Lakhanpal, this is an endeavour to cut down on the pollution in the region, and inculcate a healthy habit amongst the people of the region.


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