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Triple talaq verdict : Supreme Court declares instant divorce invalid, says it violates fundamental rights

Taking note of the fact that political parties should keep their differences aside and work to help the Centre, the Supreme Court on Tuesday said that if the government fails to bring in law in the next six months, the apex court injunction will continue. The decision was taken on a 3:2 ratio with justice Nariman, justice Kurien and Justice Lalit saying that Triple Talak is unconstitutional,while Justice Nazir and CJI Kehar Singh were in favour of the Triple Talak

One needs to read the full verdict of the Supreme Court in order to understand the full reasons behind the order, but the direction from the court to the Union Government to consider legislation ending the practice is a welcome step. Legislation outlawing the practice of Triple Talaq would be the most major reform in Muslim Personal law since the enactment of the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939. It will be interesting to see if this current Government by passes the amendment of the Muslim Personal law and goes straight to introducing the much talked about Uniform Civil Code instead. After the 3-2 majority verdict invalidated the Islamic practice of triple talaq, the AIMPLB said that the legal committee of AIMPLB will study and advice the executive of the Muslim law board. “We have convened a meeting of the executive on 10 September at Bhopal to decide the future course of action,” the board said.


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