October 22, 2017


The four riders of the *Hero Action Team*- Ankush Arya, Gurman Reen, Shiven
Sharma and Sanchit Sood with another rider Vicky Brijesh went for an
expedition of a lifetime to the highest peak in the Shivalik Range. These
boys created history by conquering the peak -Churdhar, situated at an
elevation of 3650m above sea level, on mountain bikes!
The hike started from a place called Nauradhar at 3:30 pm for the first
section which was 20km uphill. The route was very tough and only 20 % of it
was ride-able. There are three halts on the way before the temple, pehli,
dusri and teesri. At 9:30 pm the boys reached the teesri point after
walking for about 3 hours in pitch dark with lots of luggage and pushing
their bikes. On the way to teesri they almost got attacked by a herd of
bulls. They also spotted a lightning fast leopard which gave them a quick
glance and pounced away . After camping at Teesri at night they left early
next morning for the peak which was still 6 km away . They rode for the
first 3 km. The next 3 km were impossible to even walk on but the grit and
passion of the boys kept them riding and they rode on all the way upto
Churdhar , much to the surprise of the local people who thought that the
boys were crazy and were on a suicide mission!
Ashish Sood(Team Manager-Hero Action Team) was very thrilled and said, “We
are very ecstatic that our local Shimla boys have made us proud by reaching
the highest peak of the Shivalik ranges. HASTPA is known to excel and outdo
itself and the members of our action team have done the same. We are
committed towards promoting local talent and in view of that we are
managing and promoting India’s 1st fully supported mountain biking team. We
are also thankful to Hero cycles for sharing the same vision with us.”
Once they reached the top, they knew that no man had ever been up here on
his bike! Standing on top of the mountain and having a 360 degree panoramic
view from over your handlebars is what the boys call freedom. They are the
first ones with their tyre tread marks high up at Churdhar !These boys have
created history and we are proud!
The return was even more joyous as it was fast flowing single track
downhill except for the first 2 kms. They did the whole stretch under 4
hours whereas they had taken a little over 10 hours to reach the top.
People couldn’t react properly on seeing them ride in such a terrain. They
felt like stars as everyone wanted to get a photograph clicked with them on
their bikes !
Ankush Arya (Team Captain Hero Action Team) commented , “It was a very
adventurous expedition and a life time experience with lots of thrill.
During the expedition people were excited and shocked at the same time as
the paths where they were scared to walk, that very same route and the
Churdhar Peak was conquered by us on Mountain Bikes. We are super thankful
to team HASTPA and Hero Cycles for supporting the Hero Action Team for
something no other mountain biker will ever dream of.”

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