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Sena warms up to Kovind for President

In a tactical victory the BJP has finally got the most desired support from Shiv Sena when it’s Chief  Uddhav Thackeray today announced support for the NDA nominee. This marks a big upset in the opposition rank and file on the goings on for the Presidential Candidate. Bihar CM and JD(U) Chief, Sh. Nitish Kumar has already come out in support of the BJP nominee for the top post of the country. With this the BJP is now preparing for the filling of the nomination papers of Mr Ramnath Kovind by the 23rd June, that is before the Prime Minister embarks on his foreign tour. The Sena factor has ushered in a turn around in the relations of the two parties, which hither to were in a state of turbulence, and the fact that in the past two elections the Sena had supported the Congress led UPA government in its choice for the Presidential candidate.


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