October 19, 2017

Rain playing a villains role during apple blossom stage


Kullu (Pushpinder Thakur),21st Apr – Apple, which is the main backbone of economy of Kullu district, is at present, under threat, of the villainous role, of the weather. Apple trees, are in full blossom stage, and entire tree can be seen, with white flowers and this is time, when the flower pollination and seeting, is naturally done. Entire orchardists of Kullu, are fed up with the prolonged rains, and winters have stretched till this point of the year. It is a big gamble that the weather will remain fine for next coming days, till the entire setting takes place. Talking to orchardists Praye Chand, Yashwant Negi, Pravesh and Aman all farmers of Kharal valley, they told this year, rain has troubled the people to work comfortably, in their orchard and if it still continues to rain now, at the critical stage of flowering, their entire crop will destroy; as the crop they get from apple, is annual and it will be great set back for the people engaged in apple business.

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