October 21, 2017

Race for Shimla MC hots up

The State In charge for BJP,  Sh Mangal Pandey released the BJP manifesto for the upcoming Municipal Corporation election to be held on the 16th June 2017. In their manifesto, the BJP has recalled the Jaundice episode which resulted in the death of about 32 persons owing to the consumption of polluted water being supplied from a storage in which the body of a a child was found rotting for over a year. The manifesto also draws the attention of the Shimlaiet’s to the pending Smart City status. This manifesto also assure the local public riddance from the existing monkey menace plaguing them but with out the mention of any specific frame work or time period. It also makes a mention of the suffering of the people because of the failure of the two basic amenities of water and power supply owing to the recent snow fall in the region. As per the manifesto the BJP has assured to take up the provision for a healthy water supply in the region, tackle the never ending parking problem, waste disposal system and many more issues which are plaguing the common man of the region.

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