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Presidential elections start – it’s Ram Nath Kovind Versus Meira Kumar

Elections for the country’s top post are on today. The fight is between the BJP sponsored candidate Ram Nath Kovind and the opposition sponsored candidate Meira Kumar. Though Meira is expected to bag only 37% ( approx) of the electoral votes but the Opposition leader Sonia Gandhi is putting up a brave front by saying that altough they may be on a weak wicket but they shall be contesting with full force, whereas on the other hand Ran Nath Kovind is expected to run through with almost 63% of the vote share. A total of 4,896 voters, of which 4120 are MLA’s and 776 MP’s, constitute the electoral college, who will be casting their votes today. However MLC’s of states with Legislative councils are not a part of the electoral college and will not be casting their votes. More over amidst talks of cross voting from the opposition camp, the rift between the Samajwadi Party is proving to be counter productive in the case of Miera Kumar as the SP Patrons Mulayam Singh Yadav and Shivpal Yaday have declared that they will support Ram Nath Kovind while Akhilesh Yadav will go along the Congress nominee Miera Kumar.


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