October 21, 2017

Nitin Gadkari seeks to establish Dry Port in Himachal

The Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Sh Nitin Gakari, yesterday, while speaking at the Tridev conclave in the celebrated Dhalpur ground at Kullu, was very appreciative of the traditional Kullu Shawls and caps, which are popular all over the country. He stated that he would like to establish a Dry Port in Himachal Pradesh to facilitate export possibilities for the weavers of Himachal in order to export their products to other countries. He further stated that he will be urging his government to invest at least one lakh crore, within the 5 year period, for the development within the state, but at the same time urged the populace of Himachal to strengthen the hands of his government in order to achieve this. He added that this would be possible only if the BJP is voted to power in Himachal, by ousting the existing government in the state. Speaking  about the quality of roads within the state he pointed out that the existing roads developed pot holes within a year and need to be relaid every year. He indicated that when in power his government would build all season roads having life spans of up to 200 years. A mention of the 4 state MP’s approaching for funds too was made during the speech, he informed that they were never sent back empty handed, but unfortunately the existing state government was not utilising those funds for the purposes of development of the state owing to the inherent corruption within the party. He also made a mention of the 16 National Highway projects warded to Himachal Pradesh and assured that these will be fully functional by the year 2018. He urged the Ex Chef Minister of Himachal Pradesh Prof. Sh Prem Kumar Dhumal to arrange for a rally for the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi, in the state so that the sanctioned projects of up to 20 thousand crores could be inaugurated. A mention of ridding the country of the Congress legacy of nepotism was made by him during his speech.

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