October 24, 2017

London inferno toll -30 likely to rise furhter

The  Grenfell Tower fire in north Kensington, West London, Britain, on late night of Tueasday, has so far claimed 30 lives, it is being speculated that  it could climb to over 100 in one of the worst fire tragedies, of the century, in the country. The Metropolitan  police commander Stuart Cundy said  that, ” at least 30 people  have died and that their  bodies have been taken to a morgue, but more bodies remain in the building” he further added that there was nothing to suggest that the fire was  deliberate. The investigation into the cause of the fire, that has now been extinguished, will take weeks to be completed, he addedm, he also expressed his regarding any survivors in the incident. The Scotland Yard expressed fears that all victims of the massive fire may never be identified.

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