October 22, 2017

London inferno- Manslaughter charges likely to be pressed for failed safety systems

The recent fire in west London’s Grenfell Tower has till date claimed 79 lives, all “complete bodies” had been removed and there was “a terrible reality that we may not find or identify everyone who died due to the intense heat” Fiona McCormack from London’s Metropolitan Police said at a briefing on the 14 June blaze in west London. Referring to the tiles and insulation on the outside of the building, which have been widely blamed for the rapid spread of the flames, she said: “All I can say at the moment is they don’t pass any safety tests.” The cladding was installed on the 24-storey council-owned Grenfell Tower, which was built in 1974, as part of a refurbishment completed 2016. Manslaughter charges could be filed over London’s deadly tower blaze, police said, after finding that outside cladding had failed safety tests and that the fire started with a faulty fridge.  It has prompted a wider review of social housing which has identified at least 600 towers in England with similar cladding. McCormack said police had also established that the fire started with a faulty fridge, a Hotpoint FF175BP model.

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