October 18, 2017

Kotkahi case – forensic evidence shows body lying in the open for two days

Contrary to the claims made in the social media and the allegations of the locals that the rape and murder of a girl in Kotkhai was committed in a room and the victim was killed on July 6 (the day the body was recovered), forensic evidence points out that the victim was killed on July 4 and the body was lying in open. However, the experts refused to comment on the spot of the crime. “Lakhs of eggs of flies were found on the victim’s body and samples taken from the clothes pointed out that the eggs developed into larvae which implies that the victim was not killed on the day the body was recovered,” said forensic experts. “A large number of flies were seen in the photographs taken for forensic examination and the presence of maggots on the body is a clear indication that the body kept lying in the forest and not in a room,” they said, adding that the flies appeared only after the body started decomposing and emitting foul smell.Moreover, the red marks on the victim’s body could be due to scabbing which appeared after 24 hours of death. The rice found in the body of the minor as per the postmortem report can provide vital clues as it would help determine where she had her last meal, they said.Investigation agencies had enough evidence but they were not able to pinpoint the culprits as was evident from the fact that the remaining five accused were sent to judicial custody because there was no cracking evidence against them, sources revealed.Mass DNA sampling of all people under suspicion could lead to a breakthrough.Samples of human cells found at the crime scene, including blood, semen, skin, saliva, mucus, perspiration and the roots of hair, had been sent for DNA testing and DNA samples of more than six suspects had also been taken for matching. The findings will be significant as it will zero in on the culprit and save the innocent persons.

Similar to Lynda Mann case The case is like the famous Lynda Mann case in which 15-year-old schoolgirl was raped and murdered on the grounds of Carlton Hayes Psychiatric Hospital in Narborough, Leicester shire, in November 1983. It was the first case solved through DNA profiling in which blood and saliva samples of over 4,000 men aged between 17 and 34 who lived in the villages were taken to find the real culprits and exonerate the innocents.

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