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ITI Daulatpur inaugurated by the local MLA Sh Pawan Kajal

The ITI complex at Daulatpur, constructed at a cost of Rs 4.5 crores was, on Thursday, inaugurated by the local MLA Sh Pawan Kumar. According to sources, originally this complex was to be inaugurated by the Chief Minister Raja Virbhadra Singh, but then in a hurriedly made decision it was decided that the Minister for Tech. Education and Transport Sh G S Bali would be inaugurating the complex on Friday the 23rd June 2017. In the prevailing state of confusion the local MLA took it upon himself, after taking the local Panchyat and the people of the area, into confidence, to inaugurate the complex a day before G S Bali was planning to do the same. When asked about the inaugural plaque installed at the site, he remarked that, “The name of the person inaugurating should be ther in the hearts of the people, these plaques can be easily removed or changed, but once a persons memory is stored deep down in the hearts of the people that is difficult to change or erase”. He was quite upset with the fact that the Minister had not even bothered to inform him about the change in the inauguration plan and the programme, as in, the name of the person inaugurating it and the schedule of inauguration, this led him to take this unprecedented step. The people of the area too resented the move by the Minister and shouted slogans against him while the lady Pradhan, Smt Santosh Kumari, of the area warned the minister to not try and subdue the local OBC MLA.


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