October 22, 2017

HASTPA celebrates silver jubilee of Hero Hastpa MTB School Program!

h09 July, 2015

HASTPA successfully conducted its 25th session of The Hero Hastpa MTB
School Program at Gurukul International School in Solan on 4th July 2015.
The program undertaken by Hero Cycles, world’s largest bicycle
manufacturer, and Himachal Adventure Sports and Tourism Promotion
Association (HASTPA) in joint collaboration aims at introducing mountain
cycling to school students across various age groups.

At the successful completion of the latest program, Mr Pankaj Munjal,
Co-Chairman and MD, Hero Cycles said, “We are happy to announce the
conclusion of our 25th school program. Hero Cycles-HASTPA MTB School
Program was started with the objective of introducing mountain biking to
the younger generation. Through this program we aim to encourage more and
more people to take up mountain biking and popularize the sport in India.
We have received extremely positive response to our program. Schools across
India are increasingly coming forward and inviting us to conduct this
program in their respective campuses.”

The program aims at identifying and promoting the best talent in India for
mountain biking at these sessions. The selected students undergo various
phases of training by professionally experienced riders. The experience is
a stepping stone for young talent to get trained to compete against
international and national level riders at the prestigious Hero Cycles MTB
Himalaya race which is Asia’s oldest mountain biking race and is considered
to be amongst the toughest races in the world today. This training program
is conducted across schools in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab and

Akhil Puri, General Secretary - HASTPA, succinctly summarizes the
initiative, “HASTPA is committed to the development of adventure sports in
India and to put the country on the forefront of the international sports
circuit. With mountain biking as its core activity, the organization is
taking the sport to the grass root level by identifying, nurturing and
training raw talent in the younger generation.”

Over 380 students from Class 6th to Class 12th of Gurukul International
School participated in the session held on school grounds. Hero Action
Team, India’s first professionally managed team, comprising of top Indian
mountain biking athletes, was also present at the school training. Devender
Thakur and Ankush Arya, India’s leading mountain cyclists and part of the
team, had huge fan following at the program. During the program students
underwent initial training and were familiarized with necessary skill sets
required in mountain biking. The program aims to encourage youth to take up
the sport of mountain biking thus establishing the sport at the grass root
level and helping its spread across the country.


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