October 24, 2017

Future of CUHP hangs in a balance

With the assembly elections coming up towards the end of the year, once again the feud over the location of the Central University of Himachal Pradesh between the ruling and the opposition parties has taken the center stage    with allegations and counter allegation flying sky high. Both the parties are blaming each other for the delay in the decision to finalise the location of the campus for the University. While the ruling party is pitching for Jadrangal, near Dharamshala, as the place for the main campus and part of it at Dehra, the opposition is pitching for Dehra as the main campus and about 30% of the campus location at Dharamshala. Needless to say that owing to this fiasco the University is, at present running off a temporary block at Shahpur, with a camp office located at Dharamshala. It is an ironic situation that both these parties are refusing to take into consideration the plight of the students and the many employees in the present location of the University. Such an uncertain situation does not bode well for an educational institution and tantamounts to  playing with the future of the students and the employees likewise. Since none of the parties are showing any interest in the subject it is felt that it is now for the populace to impress on these parties the importance of taking a decision in this regard.

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