October 24, 2017

Community Radio Starts Test Transmission Dharamshala

Gunjan Community Radio has started its test transmission in Dharamshala , now it can be tuned into on 91.2 FM.

Speaking on this occasion,  Executive Director at Gunjan Organisation, Mr. Sandeep Parmar said,

“Time to Tune into 91.2 FM,  GUNJAN Community Radio Station FM 91.2 is now functional, as this is a test broadcast transmission, we encourage all our friends and their associated friend circles to  please tune your radio to this frequency and enjoy listening to the test broadcast. We look forward to your participation and suggestions towards Planning, Developing and Execution of programs in future. We are also in need volunteers, those interested can contact us.”

Community radio is a type of radio service that caters to the interests of a specific area, broadcasting material that has relevance to a local audience. It serves as a development tool, addressing issues of local concerns. It can also help in taking initiatives such as spreading of education, discussions on local matters and issues and to take on the corrupt authorities.

Community Radio is often called “People’s radio, for the people, by the people”

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