October 24, 2017

“Cartosat 2E” ready to be launched on June 23

The launch of the “Cartosat-2E” – known as the eye in the sky, is now scheduled to be launched on the 23rd June 2017 on board the work horse “Polar Satellite Vehicle’ – PSLV-C38, by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Preparation for this are in full swingas the vehicle is assembled and integrated with the satellite.

“Called the `Eye in the sky’, Cartosat-2E satellite is an advanced remote sensing satellite or earth observation satellite having surveillance capabilities with its Multi-Spectral optical imager and panchromatic camera. It will be launched on board PSLV-C38 on June 23,” ISRO chairman AS Kiran Kumar has informed that this is similar to the Cartosat-2 series satellites launched in June last year and Feb this year.

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