October 22, 2017

An end to parking woes at Dharamshala in sight

A solution to the chronic issue of Parking space in Dharamshala has led the Dharamsala Municipal Corporation to think of a novel way in tackling the problem — it has undertaken to provide for parking space by making parking  lots over drainage channels on the two sides of the city’s link roads. Since all free land in the city belongs to the Forest Department, and getting the desired sanction from the department was a lengthy process it has taken this novel step in order to ease the situation. “We have sufficient money to develop parking areas anywhere within the corporation limits. Now we have decided to provide parking facility to at least permanent residents, who do not have garages, by covering the drainage channels on both sides of the roads,” MC Commissioner Lalit Jain has said. He further informed that the corporation would cover the drainage channels on all motorable link roads with iron grills to give the roads extra width and then mark the boundary on one side for parking. “This will not only provide safe parking on link roads but also give ample space for the smooth running of traffic,” the officer said. The civic body would use the slots after charging a fee from tourists but locals could use it free of cost, he added. The Commissioner said Rs 8 crore had been sanctioned to cover the roadside drains.The work, to be executed by the Himachal Pradesh Urban Development Authority (HIMUDA), will start in August.

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