October 24, 2017

Adamant Paki’s refuse to learn their lessons

As anticipated, after the visit of the Pakistan Army Chief General Bajwa, there has been a sharp rise in the number of  of cross border ceasefire violations. The latest in the series has been the one in the Krishna sector of J&K which started at 0620 hrs this morning and continued till the last reports came in. The Indian forces too have been giving a befitting reply to the perpetrators, which is evident enough from the fact that the Paki authorities have summoned the Indian High commissioner to report that in the retaliatory firing by the Indian forces two of their civilians have succumbed to their injuries. It is ironic that the Pakis refuse to empathise with the hardships being faced by the border village populace on the Indian side who are bearing the brunt of the indiscriminate firing by the Paki rangers using medium to heavy mortar shelling and small and medium automatic weapons. Our forces are continually retaliating the Paki aggression which is aimed at assisting infiltration of terrorists into the Indian territory evidenced by the number of infiltrators brought down by the Indian forces over the past 12 days. This morning the Paki aggression was to be witnessed in the Nowshera sector as well where they opened firing at 0845 hrs to which the Indian forces are giving a befitting reply. According to the defense spoke person Paki’s have violated the ceasefire six times over the last 72 hours.


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