October 23, 2017

21 sons of the soil commissioned in the Indian Army

Dev Bhumi Himachal Pradesh, which has contributed four PVC awardees to the nation, today is proud of 21 of it sons who have gained commission into the Indian Army, to serve the nation with pride and honour. The people of Himachal Pradesh are proud of these young warriors in the making.  These cadets of the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, did their parents proud after the grand passing out parade when they dawned the pips of a Lieutenant on their shoulders. This year Himachal attains the eighth position in the country in terms of giving the nation young army officers. It is worth mentioning here in that UP, which is the largest state of India with a population of 19 crores has contributed 74 officers this year in comparison Himachal Pradesh with a population of just 70 lakh has contributed 21 young officer this year. This sure is a very proud moment for all Himachalis. Himasamchar.com wishes these young officers well and is proud of them.

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