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Terms and Conditions

• Himsamachar.com is an online content publishing portal. Main objective of himsamachar.com is to provide a web based platform for users to post their content online. Focus of the portal is to publish the content that is informational for public and the visitors.
• Portal is the website / web-interface of himsamachar.com
• Web Address of himsachar.com on internet is www.himsamachar.com
• Visitor is a person who accesses the web portal to read, view and share content
• Content is the text, images, audio, video, media, other files, links, embedded frames or any other element, applications, software, services, forms, posts, pages and data published on portal
• User is the registered person who gets registered with himsamachar.com as an individual or as a representative of group(s) or organization(s) or any entity to operate the registered account on their behalf
• User types and categories are based on the level of access and roles defined for different users
• User will not get registered by providing / entering / submitting any false information
• Author is a user who can post content through web-interface or content submission form under two categories based on roles. i) Author without publishing rights – is the user who can post the content for review but will not be published on portal without getting approved by the authorized team / person of himsamachar.com and ii) Author with publishing rights – is the user who can write and post content and same will be published on portal without approval from himsamachar.com
• Any content submitted by an Author on portal will be sole responsibility of the Author. Any consequences arising thereof will be borne by the Author. Author will be held responsible for any controversy / dispute / legal issue arising because of the content posted on portal. Author agrees not to post any content that is unlawful, disruptive, threatening, vulgar, profane, abusive, harassing, embarrassing, tortuous, defamatory, obscene, libelous, or is an invasion of another’s privacy, is hateful or racially, ethnically, religiously or otherwise objectionable.
• Himsamachar.com reserves the complete rights on content submitted by Author(s), which include – to review the content, keep the content on hold, removing the content without publishing, editing / modifying / deleting part or whole content submitted, posted, written and published by Author(s)
• Himsamachar.com reserves the complete rights to access user details, modify category and role of the user, change the account type, upgrade or downgrade the rights and permission levels of the user, suspend or delete a user temporarily or permanently.