October 23, 2017

Solan killing: 4 days on, still no clues

Even four days after the murder of Solan youth Pankaj, alias Lucky, the local police were groping in the dark as little substantiate clue was available to unravel the motive behind the killing. While the locals were getting restive and have threatened to initiate a stir if the three assailants were not arrested soon, the police was maintaining a studied silence over the case by evading all media queries. Though two sketches had been prepared by the police on the basis of information received from the eyewitnesses, whether it would help to identify the assailants remains to be seen. Two police teams, which had gone to Sonepat and Delhi to investigate the origin of the car used in the crime, were yet to return. The detailed report of the forensic science experts was also yet to be received. While the preparedness of the assailants was absolute as they fled after committing the crime, a question mark has been put on the preparedness of the local police to respond to such situations. Though the area was cordoned off soon after the crime was committed around 8:50 pm on the fateful day and search operations lasted till wee hours the next morning, the assailants could not be nabbed. The police not only lacked in responding abruptly to the eventuality but precious time was lost in getting its act together, thus making it easy for the assailants.The traffic management in the town and on the national highway has proved shoddy. Though many PCR vehicles have been pressed into service on patrol duty, they have failed to act in time.Superintendent of Police, Mohit Chawla, when quizzed, said the investigations were under way on the basis of the leads available, adding that they were also inquiring into the aspects as pointed out by the family members.

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