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Saudi fire claims lives of 10 Indian workers while leaving six others injured

In an unfortunate fire incident in a window less house in Najran a city of Dubai, 10 Indian workers have lost their lives while the six injured have been admitted to a hospital for treatment. This came to light when  after a woman, Vidya S, sought the external affairs minister’s help to bring back the mortal remains of one of those killed in the incident. Ms Sushma Swaraj the Minister for External Affairs has informed that the officials of Indian consulate in Jeddah are rushing to Najran following the incident.

“I am aware of the fire tragedy in Najran in which we have lost 10 Indian nationals and six injured are in the hospital,” she said in a tweet. “I have spoken to Consul General Jeddah. Najran is 900 Kms from Jeddah. Our staff is rushing by the first flight available. “Our Consul General is in touch with the Governor of Najran. He is updating me on regular basis,” Swaraj said. Apart from the 10 Indians, another person was killed whose identity was not immediately known.


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