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Rescue operation  still on to search the bodies of washed away students in beas in himachal

Dharamsala (Arvind Sharma )beas

Rescue operation  still on to search the bodies of washed away students in beas in himachal

All help promised by HRD Minister Smriti


HRD Minister of India Smriti Z Irani spoke to Technical Education Minister of Himachal G S Bali late last night in conection with the tragic incident of the  washing away of 26 B.Tech students from Hyderabad  in River Beas in district Mandi on Sunday. Smt Irani also spoke to the members of the faculty who was at the accident site.Smriti said that she was  assured by the Tehsildar Sadar Mandi that medical aid has been provided. She said on twitter,”I have also spoken to the Principal of the collage and assured him of the co opration . our prayers are with the families in this hour of need .”

“I am deeply pained over the tragic incident of engineering students getting drowned in a flash flood in Himachal Pradesh,” home minister Rajnath Singh said on his official Twitter account.

Chief Minister of himachal Vir Bhadra Singh said,”Shocked and saddened to learn about 24 Hydrabad students washing away in beas.”

It is learnt that altogether 38 students from VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, were on the riverbank when the water level rose after discharge from a reservoir of the 126 MW Larji hydel power project around 2km away.

“The students had stopped to take photographs on the edge of the Beas at 7.30pm when water released from a dam washed them downstream,” Himachal Pradesh transport minister GS Bali said.

Rescue workers on Monday morning recovered two bodies from Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi district, while the fate of 22 others washed away in the flooded Beas river is still not known, an official said. With this the death toll in Saturday’s accident rose to two, deputy additional district Magistrate Pankaj Rai said.where as another official said that Rescue workers on Monday morning recovered five bodies from Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi district, while the fate of 22 others washed away in the flooded Beas river is still not known.
Over two dozen B.Tech students from Hyderabad were on a trip to Kullu-Manali were 24 of them feared to have been washed away in a flash flood in the river Beas on Sunday after authorities of Larji hydelpower project opened the floodgates of the project’s dam, reportedly without warning. At least 24 students, including six girls, of the V.N.R. Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology in Hyderabad were reported missing after strong currents in the mighty Beas river washed them away. Their chances of survival of the rest of them were bleak, officials said.
The Students of Vigyan Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bachuapalli, located around 20 km from Hyderabad were on an excursion tour.   26 of them  started from Shimla on  Sunday morning for Kullu-Manali.The power project’s floodgates were opened around 6.30 pm and, minutes later, the students were washed away.

The government admitted that the authorities did not follow the right protocol on use of hooters and other warning signals on the release of the water from the hydel project.

Reports said the students were in a large group of 50, including staff, and travelling in two tourist buses. Few of them  had gone down to the river to bathe and take photographs near Thalout on the Kullu-Mandi national highway.




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  1. Jay

    Such a dangerous place should have flashing beacons and sirens close to where people are likely to step in – together with warning signboards so that people can make sense of the warning lights/sirens. Moreover the warning lights/sound should flash/sound continuously while water is being released – to indicate that danger is not past – till water released has been completed and there is no more likelihood of the water level rising.

  2. Dr Akshay Minhas

    As This man made tragedy already occurred and all are giving their views , so first of all I would like to wish that those who lost their near one god gave them strength .now I would like to put my opinion
    1) as per records around the evening the project operating guy received the call to reduce the supply of electricity generation as northern grid where electricity is going after generation is not able to use more and creating load sheeting .This is the reason why Delhi is getting electricity cuts because our infrastructure e.g transformer can handle only 100 MB of electricity if you start entering 150 MB it will burst , so electricity cuts are not due to shortage of electricity but due to our infrastructure which is not able to handle the extra load.
    2 ) he switched off the turbine and water which was used for running turbine was stopped back in dam and water level started rising in dam and soon it reached to maximum allowable point , as these days more mater is there in river Beas due to melting of snow.at this point person on duty performed his duty as per the guidelines laid down.
    3) according to the in charge on duty he hooted the hooter and opened the gates as per guidelines recommended . Now here it was shown in news channel that they didn’t informed the local authorities , here I would like to add that local authorities are informed when you are releasing the water on routine service e.g If you have scheduled the maintenance for tomorrow 11 am and you are going to release the water you in advance will inform the local authorities and give adds in print media , but when emergency situations are there you just hoot up and release the water and in this case they did the same. So until this proved hooter was not hooted we can not blame the officer on duty.Even they were far away from the site of dam and if you say hooter can be heard at 100km far away in himachal its not possible due to geographical disturbances.
    4) another point which was raised is that it was not mentioned there that photography is prohibited , I would like to add that when you enter in Himachal Pradesh its written that do not feed the monkeys but when you see every tourist is feeding them similarly river Beas is more than 50 Km in length in kullu district so govt. Can’t write in whole 50 Km stretch that do not enter water . Any how Govt. Has written at some places that please do not enter the river .I have read my self but we ignore .so we can’t blame govt. Here .
    5) this video clearly shows that when water level started rising they were more than 30 % inside the river , if they were not inside the river and they were just standing on shore everyone have survived.At this point those who were in river they have crossed there limits and they are at fault.
    6)This video also shows that when water level started rising local were whistling and giving single to come out but due to lack of awareness about disaster management they lost .here the college authorities are culprit.College authorities are culprit because they didn’t gave them the training of disaster management as it compulsory in the organization to create committee and keep on doing mock drills etc

    So if you analyze whole scenario you will be able to come to some conclusion rather than pointing the finger as when you are pointing towards someone three fingers are pointing towards you .


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