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Narendra Modi – face of a Bold India – does it signal end of Nehru and Congress era ?

Is it time to say goodbye to the Jawaharlal Nehru era? From foreign policy, economy to social mindset, a new era seems to be taking shape under prime minister Narendra Modi. All questions apart Modi is shaping the contours of a new era. Forget the asphyxiating hype that accompanies every move the India prime minister makes, and the whiff of the unreal it lends to his achievements and persona; there’s something that suggests that under Modi India is moving to a new orbit. It marks a break from the past, specifically the time bracket beginning with Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. Recalling the various foreign visits and his meetings with the respective Head’s of the states visited, it is very obvious that Modi is not received as the leader of a potential client state or merely a country that offers a huge market but as an equal power with which long-term deep engagement makes sense. It’s not that an Indian leader never received this kind of treatment earlier, however, Modi gives things a different flavour by his confident, purposeful and almost audacious approach. Just notice how many times the word “friend” crops up in his interaction with world leaders and the hugs that happen. It’s clear from the self-assured body language of Modi that India is not keen appearing as a meek global player anymore. Whether it’s from rallying the Indian diaspora to amplifying noises of support for him or asserting India’s greatness on global platforms, or discussing surgical strikes on Pakistan, abroad, the impression Modi wants to convey is that India has finally arrived as a world power and others must acknowledge it. It is not clear how convinced world leaders are, but they seem happy to play along so long as their interests are served well. It’s a clean break from the past, if not so much in substance, in appearance at least. The era beginning with Modi, India would continue with that appearance.


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