October 23, 2017

Media plays the role of judges

There are thousands of cases happenning in india daily , including the brutal one ‘s of rape , kidnaping , fake encounters etc . people are so socially active that even a small incident of fighting between two person is directly put on facebook live or on youtube’s laterst uploads.

people ,media, social media are now trying to play role of juditiary . after a popular incident if police arrest a person only on the basis of doubt or for inquiry ,there starts protest regarding their punishment. specifically talking about trial by media , it is process in which without any strong evidences media for gaining TRP  raise the issue and trying to solve the investigation and declare the criminal .such kinds of wrong doing can influcience the judgement od judges as they also watch the news chennals . however after 2002 bombings court put a ban on live reporting from a terrorist incident etc.

but such act by media not totally wrong,because in india we belive in freedom of press.but investigation should be practicle and both aspects about criminls should be given and the announcement of judgment should be lie only in the hand of our glorious juditiary . our policy of leave 99 criminals but not punish a single innocent individual is in danger due to fast trial by media .

definately people should be aware about all information related to such incident .but to gave judements is the work of supreme juditiary of country.

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स्टूडेंट ऑफ़ म.ा पोलिटिकल साइंस ात पंजाब यूनिवर्सिटी एंड वैरी इंटरस्टेड इन राइटिंग आर्टिकल

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