October 18, 2017

Martyrs’ Day: Gandhi’s voice to resonate in schools today

imagesBhubaneswar: Students from Class VI to X of all government-run schools across the state will hear the voice of Mahatma Gandhi today on the occasion of Martyrs’ Day. The state government has made all arrangements to this effect. State project director of the Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority Mahendra Kumar Mallick said: “The compact disc (CD) that has Mahatma Gandhi’s recorded voice, sent by the director-general of the All India Radio (AIR), Prasar Bharati, has been sent to the education officers in all the 30 districts. They have been asked to make a copy of the CD and send to the schools. The school authorities have been directed to start the programme tomorrow.” “The objective is that the school students get to listen to the speeches of inspiring leader. It would go a long way in shaping their character and future,” he said. The CD contains post-prayer speeches of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on various topics delivered between May 13, 1947 and January 1, 1948. There are 31 voice cuts in the CD, which bear philosophical, secular and patriotic ideas. The first speech of Mahatma stresses on the need of cleanliness, which will help boost the children’s zeal to take up the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, feel school authorities. There are also messages on character building and the need to curb corruption. The leader also speaks about the need of non-violence, abiding by truth and eradication of social discrimination such as untouchability. Mahatma’s speech on the need of tolerance and religion (sarvo dharma samabhava) will also be played along with deliberations on why and how one should be the protector of their own culture and tradition. The students will also get to know Mahatma’s views on Swaraj, kindness, renouncing feelings of revenge and how crime is a disease and can be eradicated. Views on the need to bring development to the villages are also a part of the CD. Unless development at villages takes place, the country cannot surge ahead on the path of development, he had said in his speech. Mallick said the school authorities had also been asked to use the CD on other occasions as well as during local festivals. Headmistress of Government Boy’s High School (Unit-VIII) Jharana Mishra said: “We are completely prepared for it. Our students are also elated about it. For the first time, they will also get an opportunity to hear the voice of Mahatma Gandhi.” Mishra said that after the prayer is over at 10.30am, the students would be taken to the school auditorium to listen to the leader’s speeches. The headmistress said she was also delighted to get a chance to hear his voice “Since the beginning of my career as a schoolteacher, I used to tell about Mahatma’s ideals to students. Now, they will hear it from Gandhiji himself. It will have a great impact on the students,” she said. Sukant Das, a Class IX student, said: “We have seen the pictures of Mahatma Gandhi and heard a lot about him. But, we have never heard his voice. Listening to him would certainly bring a sense of happiness. Hearing his speeches will certainly make us proud.”

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