October 21, 2017

Landslide blocks NH 88 for 5 hrs

The Kangra-Hoshiarpur National Highway NH 88 remained blocked in the morning for more than five hours today following a heavy landslide on the outskirts of the town. The landslide was triggered by incessant rain in the Kangra valley during the past 24 hours.The incessant rain lasted two days. The valley received 110 mm rains during the last 24 hours leaving rivers swollen and triggering landslides on different roads.A major landslide at 6.30 am on the Dharamsala-Hoshiarpur National highway NH 88 on the outskirts of this town left thousands of pilgrims, who were visiting shrines in connection with the Shrawan Ashtami mela and other passengers, stranded on both sides of the road.No official reached the spot even after two hours of the blockade triggering a protest by stranded pilgrims who raised slogans demanding early removal of the blockade. Surprisingly, a senior engineer of National Highway was not even aware of the landslide.Those stranded used Old Kangra road bypass but within half an hour this road too got jammed. This national highway connects Kangra with the state capital and other parts of the country. Police said the road was cleared at noon today after five-and-a-half hours.There were reports that a number of roads were damaged during the current rain. Even state highways, which were tarred recently, too were damaged.

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