October 22, 2017

क्या होगा बृहस्पति गोचर परिवर्तन का असर आपके जीवन पर 31 मई 2013 से 30 मार्च 2014 तक ? देखिये पंडित प्रभु नाथ मिश्रा से हुई हिम समाचार की भेंट वार्ता

The Jupiter transit is taking place on 31 May 2013 and the planet Jupiter (also called गुरु or बृहस्पति) is entering into the Gemini zodiac (मिथुन राशी).

Pandit Prabhu Nath Mishra, a famous Astrologer, Mantra Healer and Vastu Expert from Kangra shared various aspects of Jupiter Transit (गोचर) 

  • What will be the impact on overall world?
  • What will be the impact on India itself?
  • How the Politicians and Political Parties going to get affected?
  • Is this transit favourable for Businessmen and Industrialists?
  • What will be the overall impact on individuals and 12 Rashis?
  • Who will be benefited and who will face trouble?
  • What are the remedies (उपाय) to get best results?
  • What will happen when Jupiter will be combust (अस्त) and retrograde (वक्री)?
Watch the Exclusive Interview of Pandit Prabhu Nath Mishra with HimSamachar

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