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HPCA strongly condemns the letter issued by Tikender panwar deputy mayor shimla Municipal Corporation regarding us to the Hon. Chief justice of India. We ridicule such baseless and vilified campaign launched by the deputy mayor and CPM to garner cheap publicity at the behest of some powers in the state, in the garb of raising an issue which is being duly investigated by the honorable top courts and they are taking concrete remedial steps in the larger interests of the game and stakeholders. We take this opportunity to ask him is criticizing the BCCI and HPCA the sole agenda of the deputy mayor??? On whose direction is he acting??? His total conduct reflects that he is a mere tool in the hands of the chief minister and Congress party who are afraid and envious of the popularity of our President Anurag Thakur who has brought laurels to state through his hardwork in creating Cricket Infrastructure in state. On the contrary we want to ask him what concrete development and infrastructure have they created for the benefit of the public of shimla till date after being elected as deputy mayor of one of the oldest municipalities of the country ????? The pressing problems of parking, clean drinking water, sanitation cleanliness, street lights, stray dogs, monkey menance etc have been relegated by the deputy mayor but he is busy burning the tax payers wealth in his foreign sojourns and visits. His aim is only to indulge in baseless criticism and negative thoughts which are aimed at misleading the simple and honest people of this hill state to get quick publicity and divert their attention from the real issues and problems of the corporation on which he has failed on all fronts as his political masters since coming to power. He had a golden opportunity to strengthen the experiment of direct elections by making some radical and substantial growth of shimla which was truly squandered, instead he is focusing on the developments in cricket, dharamshala and HPCA .His frustration can be seen by these statements and his track record as deputy mayor of shimla is indeed very dismal. He wants to divert the attention of the citizens of shimla for their pressing problems on which there is nothing to show. We would like to ask the Deputy mayor in what ways have they contributed to the growth and development of sports in the state and particularly shimla which lacks proper grounds and sporting infrastructure since they have been elected , and what all have they done for the sports and welfare of students when they have been elected to various student and mainstream bodies ,why don’t they bring out a white paper on their contributions towards sports, sportsmen in our state? We want to ask them that they should adopt a sport instead (hockey, football, badminton etc) and make healthy contributions and take them to the next level in a big way instead of criticizing HPCA. In contrast, due to the hard work, commitment and zeal of Team HPCA, a remarkable infrastructure has been created in such a short time .Our international cricket stadium is being praised for its beauty and quality the world over .It has been voted as one of the best stadiums in the world .Our players are performing consistently well over the years at the national level because of the facilities and infrastructure available as can be verified from the statistics. We have successfully hosted one day matches and IPL matches in the state in such a short span of time. We ask him to go out to Dharamshala and ask the people and players what HPCA has contributed for their development and then make such baseless false politically motivated and mischievous statements.The deputy mayor is indeed jealous of the achievements and the publicity HPCA is getting for doing a fantastic job in the field of cricket, a body that has brought laurels and credit to the state and put himachal firmly on the world map of sports. We urge him to be more responsible and positive in their approach towards sports, sporting bodies and sportsmen and not to use them for personal and cheap political gains.


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