October 22, 2017

Hotel Dhauladhar – Serving Silently

When you are looking for a place to go out for drinks and dinner with friends or family, what options do you have? In Dharamshala, everyone has their personal favourite but one that is not so common hangout or eating joint of the locals is Hotel Dhauladhar of Himachal Tourism. Why isn’t that place the favourite hangout of the locals? May be the thought of driving all the way to Kotwali Bazaar is the reason or the thought that it’s a government thing mainly used by public servants or some other ten thousand reasons of twenty thousand people. I also had mine but lately on a couple of occasions I had the opportunity to visit and experience the service and hospitality of Hotel Dhauladhar and its staff. Here’s my review.

Hotel Dhauladhar, Kotwali Bazaar, Dharamshala is more commonly referred as Dhauladhar by the locals. “Main Dhauladhar mein hoon, tu bhi wahi aaja” is a common phrase heard at the restaurant. This place can always boast for many things but doesn’t do that, may be it wants us to understand its beauty and value. As a local of Dharamshala, think of it this way. If you are going out with your friends or family for Dinner at Dhauladhar, you’ll get parking space. Although sometimes I feel the parking is a tad bit smaller than needed but it’s ok, they are experienced in handing traffic situation.

Once you are in, you get a large restaurant with decent seating space. Cross the restaurant and you would get the BEST view of Kangra Valley. That’s when you realize that the government departments are really good at choosing locations for hotels and rest houses. You could sit inside the restaurant or at the veranda, if you want to sit out and eat even when it’s raining or you could take the steel furniture at the lawn. No matter where you sit the beauty and view that you would get is simply awe inspiring and breathtaking.

For locals of Dharamshala, Dhauladhar is “ghar ki murgi daal baraabar”. But trust me the current chef at Dhauladhar made Daal that competes and beats any Murgi dish. This is a place where Dad gets served his favourite drink, kids get big grassy lawns and open space to play, and mother can order dishes that she loves and get pampered. The staff at Dhauladhar may not have a constant grin plastered on their face but they are courteous and accommodating. Polite and decent in their speech they are perfect service staff. The cutlery is good, place is clean and food is fresh and tasty. That’s way more than any person expects from any restaurant.


I could write a thousand more words about it but I would rather you go and experience Hotel Dhauladhar at Kotwali Bazaar, Dharamshala. It’s worth a visit by the locals.

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