October 21, 2017


Solan administration is implementing HC orders to remove ENCROACHMENTs with a heavy heart as all encroached spaces were in the past were used for two wheeler parking by commuters to the town but on pretext of traffic hindrance were declared no parking zones n violators invite immediate challans ,irony was n is that traffic bottleneck rather increased because of overt and covert connivance of police n administration by passively allowing unlicenced thadi fadi vendors on every available inch of the mall, its alleged that rs 150.00 per day is being paid by each vendor to unscrupulous conniving officials.

It is now doubted that after further removal of encroached areas such officials would have added space to rent out. high court must monitor the order implementation in future too and fix responsibility of DC n SP for future usurpation of space by  illegitimate vendors.

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