October 23, 2017

Department of Education makes a mockery of the ensuing JBT test

The number 13 has indeed proved itself to be unlucky for the students who have prepared for the ensuing test for the Diploma in Elementary Education examination as per the new syllabus, as they  have now been informed that this exam, slated for next week, will now be held as per the old JBT syllabus, leaving them in a lurch.

The Elementary Education Department had initially  entrusted the task of preparing the new curriculum as per the guidelines of National Council of Teachers Education (NCTE), to the State Council of Education Research and training (SCERT) which finished the task in April 17 and the draft curriculum was sent to the government. This was approved by the concerned authorities within a few days, and the new curriculum  circulated to all the institutions, school board and other bodies. It was presumed that the examinations would now be conducted as per the revised curriculum. However on July 12, 2017 the Directorate of Elementary Education shot a letter to the School Board for conducting the examination through old syllabus.  A notification to this effect was issued by the Directorate of Elementary Education  on June 10, stating that the examination would be conducted based on the new curriculum as per the demand of the Diploma in Elementary Education. All the trainees and the students, thus, started preparing as per the new syllabus, but on July 13 again a notification was issued stating that the examination would be conducted as per the old syllabus – informed a student requesting anonymity. The complainant said that it was strange and unfortunate that the government could not decide the curriculum for the 2015-17 batch in two years and is putting students at a great inconvenience.

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