October 23, 2017

Countries supporting Terrorism in for a tough time ahead

The Secretary-General  of the UN Antonio Guterres in a warning to the countries supporting or promoting Terrorism has said that they will ultimately have to pay a “heavy price” and offered his offices in order to promote cooperatrion between Pakistan and Afghanistan to jointly fight the menace of Terrorism, which is affecting them both, and also other countries in the world. After arriving at Kabul yesterday he held bilateral meetings with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and the country’s Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah. Later, during his interaction with reporters, on being asked whether the documents submitted by the Afghanistan government as proof of Pakistan aiding and equipping terrorism had been considered by the world body he said that, “Those are areas of competence of the Security Council of the United Nations. What I am supposed to do as Secretary General is to use my good offices to promote the cooperation between the two countries for them to be able to fight together the threat of terrorism”. He further said that he had met the the Pakistan Prime Minister Mr Nawaz Sharif and said that the purpose was to encourage strengthening bilateral relations between the two so that they could fight the menace of Terrorism together. He also made a mention of the fact that as of today Terrorism is bleeding nations no end, with specific reference to the recent Kabul attack and the various terrorist attacks in Pakistan itself. He said that it was high time that everybody get together and put an end to this menace, as this was his priority at the moment. He also mentioned that he is against any nation promoting or exporting Terrorism to  another nations and that such nations will indeed have a heavy price to pay for their doings because at some point of time the very same force will retaliate and hit the nation promoting it.

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