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CM urges Rajasthan to expedite Pong Dam oustees rehabilitation issue

 Chief Minister Shri Virbhadra Singh has urged the Rajasthan Government to expedite the long pending issues of Pong Dam oustees rehabilitation in time bound manner so that families of oustees could be rehabilitated.

The Chief Minister was presiding over a meeting  to resolve the long pending issues of rehabilitation and allotment of land to the left out families of Pong Dam oustees between the Governments of Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh here today.

The meeting was attended by representative Ministers and senior officers of both government.

After detailed deliberations it was decided that all such cases of Pong Dam oustees pending for allotment of land in Rajasthan will be scrutinized and processed for final allotment by 30th September, 2017.

Himachal Government will ensure that all required documentation is complete while forwarding these cases to Rajasthan.  The Government of Rajasthan would expeditiously process/sanction these cases.  It was decided that in case of any shortcoming in the documentation, the Deputy Commissioner (Relief & Rehabilitation) Government of Himachal Pradesh  would be contacted personally  instead of making back references which may consume time.

The Government of Rajasthan decided to hold special camps for allotment of land to the left out Pong Dam oustees.  On first Monday of each month at Bikaner in the office of Commissioner Colonization. Deputy Commissioner (R&R), Government of Himachal Pradesh will ensure wide publicity of these camps amongst the eligible oustees.  Further he or his authorized representative will ensure their presence in these camps to facilitate allotment of land.

Rule 4-A of the Rajasthan Colonization  (Allotment of Government Land to Pong Dam Oustees in the Rajasthan Canal Colony) Rules, 1972 has imposed some restrictions for allotment of land to such oustees who have not adopted the family planning norms.  Rajasthan Government so far has been liberal and flexible in not strictly enforcing this rule which renders certain oustees ineligible.  However, some stray instances have been brought to the notice wherein this rule has acted as a bar to allotment.   The Government of Rajasthan has agreed that such cases will be reviewed and in future all such cases will be dealt with  a sympathetic manner.

It was further decided that Rule 7-A of the Rules ibid would also be implemented wherever required and the Government of Rajasthan will also consider reviewing the provisions of 18% interest which is incorporated in the said rules.

All other grievances such as non provision of irrigation facilities, alienation of land through GPA, difficulty to deposit installment of land have been separately flagged.  Principal Secretary (Revenue) and Commissioner Colonization, Government of Rajasthan assured that these grievances will also be resolved within the stipulated period of three months.

Both the Governments will reconcile the status of various cases pending in the High Court and in the light of decision taken in the meeting, considering filing a joint affidavit to the effect that all such issues have been resolved.  Rajasthan Government has already earmarked adequate parcels of land for allotment and have also made allowance for additional parcels for allotment in the event of directions from the appropriate court over and above identified eligible families.


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