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Central Government’s Ordinance to save the Convict leaders is most unfortunate : Shanta Kumar

Dharamsala , September 25, 201 ( Arvind Sharma )

MP Rajya Sabha and the sr. BJP leader Shanta Kumar said ,” Central Government’s Ordinance  to save the Convict leaders is most unfortunate.” Reacting to it he said that government have brought this bill in the last season of parliament,but was sent to Parliament’s Standing Committee for review . And now without waiting for its report government have issued the ordinance in a hurry is deplorable. He said that it unfortunate event of increasing criminalization of Indian democracy .

about 50 innocent were killed in MuzzaffarNagar . 40 thousand innocent people have to leave their home to live  in tents. This is a consequence of criminalization of politics . The situation anywhere in the country is  gravel. emerging mafia system of democracy is becoming evident. Government system seems to be thwarted in many places . The criminalization of the Central Government by destroying the democracy.

Over the past 10 years, more than 10 leaders were sentenced to 2 years or more . Just to save these 10 leaders is  rather shameful humiliation for 130crore  in  democracy. It is being arranged  only for  vote . It is a matter of pleasure that the opposition has decided to oppose it . President of the country  should reject the ordinance . Narendra Modi headed the new government will  uprooted root out corruption and criminalization from the country .


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  1. hemen parekh

    Advantage Rahul ?

    When Rahul Gandhi meets Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh today , we will know who wins the first round
    After a lapse of some 66 years , another Gandhi has staked his career and taken a principled stand in the matter of criminally convicted legislators
    May be , earlier he failed to convince the Old Guards
    May be the Coalition Dharma weighed him down
    May be mother Sonia miserably failed to judge people’s mood
    Now the chips are down !
    And the outcome of this meeting will reveal , either the ugly face of India’s political past or the beautiful face of a new and youthful future
    But even if Rahul wins this round , there are many more waiting to be won , before 2014 elections
    A few of these are :

     Coverage of political parties under RTI

     Electoral Reforms Bill

     Women’s Representation Bill

     Jan Lok Pal Bill …. etc

    Political future of Congress in 2014 elections will get decided by Rahul winning these rounds as well
    If Rahul continues to display the same “ Courage of Conviction “ in these rounds , he may still succeed in stealing the thunder of Narendra Modi !
    Today , a billion Indians will be watching the TV for “ Breaking the News “ !

    • hemen parekh ( 02 Oct 2013 / Gandhi Jayanti )


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