October 22, 2017

C & V Teachers’ Union gives Ultimatum to Government

Hundreds of C&V teachers in the state have given an ultimatum to the government for accepting their demands. Teachers say that if the government does not accept their demands by June 30, then they will stage dharna at Directorate of Education on July 3.

A meeting of the union was held in Kullu recently on 10th June under the banner of Himachal Pradesh State C & V Teacher Association, in which major 8 demands were discussed in detail. In the acceptance of posts of art teachers and physical teachers in the upgraded middle schools, to cancel the notification of the 10 September 2015 issued by the department, making regular graduate senior C & V teachers an in-charge of middle schools, special pay increase to C & V teachers after 10 or 15 years of service, amending the transfer policy by increasing transfer quota up to 15 percent and reducing the duration from 13 years to 5 years were the few demands included in demand charter.

State President Chaman Lal Sharma said that the union has been raising all these demands for three years in front of the department and the government, but till now the only assurances are available. He said that if the government and education department does not take any decision on all these demands before June 30, then the union will be forced to perform dharna outside Education Directorate on 3 July.

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