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Anurag should not play childish: Ministers

Dharmshala, 29th October:  Urban Development and TCP Minister Sudhir Sharma and CPS Neeraj Bharti have advised MP Anurag Thakur to refrain from childish activities as no person could be placed above law. When PM Dr. Manmohan Singh was ready to place himself before any enquiry then MP Anurag Thakur could not be an exception. Without being summoned for any investigation, he should not have entered the premises of vigilance office in Dharmshala and stage any political drama.

Both these ministers were reacting on the high voltage drama staged after MP Anurag Thakur reached the office of state vigilance and anti corruption bureau at Dharmshala to join the investigations even as the authorities concerned had asked him to appear on October 31st. They asked him to understand that he was not above law and was himself involved in law making process and advised him not to play immature and irresponsible. His being a son of the former chief minister did not place him above law.

Sudhir Sharma and Neeraj Bharti said that due to some unavoidable reasons Anurag Thakur could not be summoned scheduled dates of October 22nd and 24th and was directed to appear on October 31st before the vigilance office, Dharmshala but instead of respecting the law, he mad mockery of the system along with his supporters.

All this showed he had no respect for law. He had no right to turn a government office into political arena and shouting of slogans at this place marred his own image. All these gimmicks were not going to help him in any manner. It would have been better if he had celebrated birthday in a decent way and his respect for law would have raised himself in the eyes of the people.


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