October 22, 2017

Anuraags’, Cricket on rough wicket in Himachal

Anuraags’, Cricket on rough wicket in Himachal
Dharamsala (Arvind Sharma )
All the officials of HPCA working at the HPCA stadium in Dharamsala were not available at the stadium, which was locked yesterday, prior to the serving of the Registrar of Societies notice to HPCA by the district administration in Dharamsala. Since the change of Dhumal lead BJP Government in Himachal , the Congress government is working out about the so called illegal controlling of the association and its assets by HPCA ,which is lead by Dhumal,s son Anuraag (President HPCA) since 2000. A case was registered in the court at Dharamsala by anti corruption department on 1st august against HPCA pertaining to the irregularities of the association act. And on Tuesday another jolt to Anuraag’s regime came when a notice was served by Registrar societies.
The cricket body, led by BJP MP Anurag Thakur, has been given 15 days’ time to reply, the show cause notice of Registrar of Societies Himachal in respect of the serious violations of societies act , particularly in changing its status from a ‘cricket promotion society’ to company, and signalled its imminent takeover by appointing an administrator. Registrar of Societies R D Nazeem on teusday a nine-page notice had been served to HPCA at Dharamsala. Notice say that if HPCA fails to reply the government shall proceed for taking over of HPCA,s assets including the international cricket stadium at Dharamsala. Additional Deputy Commissioner Kangra Rohan Thakur has informed the government about the notice.
The notice seeks to initiate action against HPCA for alleged grave violations in running the affairs of the cricket body as well as for its dual entity as a society registered under the Himachal Pradesh Societies Registration Act and as a company registered at Kanpur initially as Himachal Cricket Players Association (HPCA) in 2005.
In July, the registrar sent a communication to HPCA raising questions about its change of status from society to company after having been granted a 99-year land lease at a highly concessional rate of Rs 1 per month and another 3.28 hectares for Hotel Pavilion. The registrar’s notice said, “You (HPCA) are no more a society. It’s a company formed illegally and dishonestly. No prior permission of the registrar was taken to dissolve the society — which had been given land at concessional rates for sports promotion activities.”
The registrar also rejected the HPCA’s stand that it had not obtained contribution from the government and thus was free to change its status and form a company along with transfer of assets. “

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