October 23, 2017

A set back for retired defence personnel – not to get seniority benefits on re-employment

Retired defence personnel taking up re-employment in government jobs will no more be getting the seniority benefits of their services. The Personnel Department of the state has scrapped the Rule 5(1) as was applicable since the year 1972, regarding the re employment benefit in the ex servicemen quota. According to this the exservicemen were entitled to seniority benefits corresponding to their period services rendered, more over the salaries of these personnel too was determined on the basis of this Rule, also on the basis of this rule the seniority of exservicemen used to be determined. The High Court, in the year 2007, had already passed it’s ruling on the subject, but unfortunately, no decision on this was taken by the concerned department at that point of time, where after this matter was taken to the Supreme Court who directed the Government to  maintain the status quo till the dispute is settled by the court. 
In the meanwhile the state government has decided to scrap this, meaning that in future such ex servicemen going in for re-employment would not be entitled to the related benefits.

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